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Colour printing

The best price for colour copies

Colour documents are more eye-catching, more attractive, and capture attention better. And the price? It's no longer a problem! Print your color copies at Copykrea for the lowest price in the market.

Why choose Copykrea

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We use Navigator paper, and not only because of its FSC and Ecolabel certificates, the company is also committed to being CO2 neutral and is a pioneer in carbon conservation projects.

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Fast shipping

You will receive your prints, as you ordered them, wherever you want within 24h to 96h, depending on the production method you have chosen (priority or standard).

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Security and confidentiality

All files are treated with the utmost confidentiality and destroyed within 90 days of receipt. No one, except the staff of our centre, has access to them.

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Best prices

We have the lowest prices on the market: each A4 size black and white copy on 80 gram paper costs £0,065; it costs £0,105 if you want it in colour with the same characteristics.

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Premium quality

All prints are made on premium Navigator paper with the highest quality inks to ensure an absolutely crisp and professional result.

Print in colour online

It doesn't matter if it's the study material for a competitive exam or a promotional brochure, colour documents are more eye-catching, grab attention better, and are visually much more attractive. Until now, the only reason to print them in black and white was the price, but not anymore... because at Copykrea, you can print colour copies online for just [[PRICE_CL]] per copy! Are we lying? We're not that cruel.

Notes, resumes, children's worksheets, diaries... at Copykrea, you can print any document in color with maximum clarity and contrast. Vibrant shades, professional finish, and the lowest price in the market are undeniable reasons to forget once and for all about bland black and white prints.

Why print your copies in color? We didn't invent color psychology; science has shown that colours evoke emotions and can enhance content memorization. Using different colors also helps our brains differentiate between various parts of a document, and of course, when it comes to professional documents, printing them in color is essential.

Copykrea is the colour copy shop that guarantees the lowest price in the market. Upload your PDF files to our configurator and choose, in addition to black and white or color, the paper size and weight (A3, A4, A5, 80 grams or 100 grams), double-sided or single-sided printing, the number of pages per side, document orientation, and finish (stapled or spiral-bound). You'll receive your color copies comfortably at your doorstep in the blink of an eye.


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Upload your files in PDF format from any device with internet access, by clicking on the 'Select or drag your file(s) here' box.

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Now select paper size, thickness, black and white or colour printing, duplex or single-sided printing, number of pages per side, document orientation and finishing.

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Our staff will print your files as you have instructed and carefully package them so that they arrive to you in perfect condition.

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Receive your order wherever you choose

You will receive your prints comfortably at the address you have indicated within 24h to 96h, depending on the production method chosen.