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Our conscience is green

Our conscience is green

At Copykrea it is clear to us that sustainability and the protection of the planet cannot just be easy slogans to chant.

Our aim is to find a balance that allows us to move forward without destroying the environment. So what do we do to avoid this? Well, what we can.

To start with, and as paper is the basis of a copy shop, we have decided to use only FSC and Ecolabel certified paper. In other words, paper that comes from responsibly managed forests and ensures a commitment to environmental protection.

For all our 80 g and 100 g prints we use Navigator paper. And not just because it is FSC and Ecolabel certified premium paper, but because the company has a CO2 neutral commitment and is a pioneer in large-scale carbon offset projects. What does this mean? They work so that the amount of CO2 they generate is the same as the amount they eliminate. A commitment that, if all companies met, would limit global warming (according to experts) to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

For this reason, although Navigator already achieved a 30% reduction in its CO2 emissions in 2021 and that 70% of the energy it uses comes from renewable sources, it has set a goal for 2035 that the reduction of CO2 emissions CO2 increase to 86% and 100% of the energy used to make the paper is renewable.



For our 300g prints we use ColorCopy paper, a brand owned by the company Mondi. The company has a strong commitment to zero deforestation, sustainable forest management and responsible procurement and is FSC and PEFC certified. They also have an Action Plan (MAP2030), which is based on three key areas: circular economy solutions, climate change and team empowerment and inclusion. 

We are also committed to responsible printing with inkjet and laser printing equipment, much less polluting than lasers and the use of sustainable inks. Indifference is not an option when we talk about the planet.